Wellness, Growth, and Meaning


At times people can feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges. This may leave them feeling stressed, confused, and even isolated. We believe that relief from these feelings and a plan for your future is essential. Seeking psychological assistance can instill hope and facilitate change. Our goal is to promote wellness, growth, and meaning with empathy, integrity, and respect. Our approach is to listen, support, and understand while helping build more effective resources. We are interested in working with you to develop and achieve goals that can help you move towards the life you want.


Dr. Karianne Axford & Associates has been providing psychology and counselling services in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley since 2009. We also provide online services to the remainder of British Columbia with video counselling. Our counsellors and psychologists work with people of all ages and a wide variety of concerns. We pride ourselves on tailoring our approach and interventions to each individual, couple, and family in order to build a strong therapeutic relationship and to maximize the potential for success. We look forward to serving our clients with respect, professionalism, and compassion.